Privacy Policy for the auroPOWER online portal

1. Privacy Policy
1.1 With their initial registration for or use of the auroPOWER online service, the participant agrees to the data protection provisions below.
1.2. Responsible company

Vaillant GmbH, Berghauser Str. 40, 42859 Remscheid, Germany (hereinafter referred to as "Vaillant") is the provider responsible for the auroPOWER online service.
1.3. In conjunction with the use of the auroPOWER online service, Vaillant processes and uses the participant's name, address and e-mail address in accordance with this Privacy Policy. These details may contain personal data as defined by the applicable data protection laws. Vaillant shall be entitled to use the participant's personal data to fulfil this contract, to provide the services agreed here, to contact the participant in order to answer enquiries that the participant has made, to contact with the participant in connection with the provision of support services for Vaillant products, or if and when this is otherwise permitted by law. In particular, Vaillant shall be entitled to use personal data for statistical purposes, for the purposes of research and development, and to improve the auroPOWER online service and other products. Data shall only be processed, used and transferred in accordance with the applicable statutory provisions.
1.4. Using the auroPOWER online service requires certain personal data to be provided in order to identify the participant or defined user. This includes, in particular, providing the name, contact information and e-mail address of the participant or other users, the serial number or other identification numbers for the Vaillant product for which the auroPOWER online service will be used. Vaillant reserves the right to verify relevant information by using other data that is available in Vaillant's customer database. In connection with the user of the auroPOWER online service, Vaillant shall be entitled to obtain, process and use further information, including, in particular, system information and news, operating parameters, configurations and settings, the energy consumption, technical events, changes and system news with regard to the auroPOWER online service and the relevant Vaillant product.
1.5. Provided the participant has given Vaillant their prior consent, Vaillant shall be entitled to contact the participant and inform them about special promotions, offers and other information about products and services from Vaillant, from companies associated with Vaillant, or from dealers and service providers. If the participant no longer wishes to receive such promotional communication, the participant can withdraw their consent at any time or unsubscribe from the relevant service; to do this, they can use either the unsubscribe function provided in the relevant message or contact the e-mail address or postal address provided below for this purpose.
1.6. Vaillant shall not share the participant's personal data with third parties outside the Vaillant Group, unless the participant has explicitly provided their consent to this or this is permissible under the statutory provisions. However, Vaillant reserves the right to use third parties as service providers as part of commissioned data processing; in such cases, Vaillant shall remain responsible for protecting the participant's personal data.
1.7. Vaillant processes the data obtained via the auroPOWER online service within the EU or the EEA only. Vaillant does not share personal data with parties outside the EU or the EEA unless the participant has explicitly provided their prior consent to this or this is permissible under the statutory provisions.
1.8. The participant shall guarantee that the data that they enter in the auroPOWER online portal complies with the relevant applicable legal provisions regarding data protection. In particular, it is the participant's responsibility to ensure that the consent of third parties is obtained, if required, before the participant enters the personal data of third parties in the auroPOWER online portal. In the event of a violation of the aforementioned obligation, the participant shall indemnify Vaillant against any claims, even if they are of a public law nature.
1.9. Vaillant saves the personal data for as long as is necessary in order to provide the auroPOWER online service and, otherwise, in accordance with the legal provisions.
1.10. The participant shall be entitled to file a complaint with the responsible data protection authority.
1.11. Vaillant does not use the personal data that is collected using the auroPOWER online service to make automated decisions with regard to the individual participant.
1.12. Vaillant shall take suitable measures to protect personal data against unauthorised access, disclosure, modification or deletion in particular.
1.13. The participant shall be authorised, at any time, to withdraw their consent to the processing, use or any potential transmission of their personal data in conjunction with the auroPOWER online service using the contact information listed below. This may restrict or cancel access to the auroPOWER online service or individual functions thereof. The data processing that has taken place up until that point shall remain unaffected by the withdrawal of consent.
1.14. The participant can demand from Vaillant, at any time, the right to access, rectify, delete or block any personal data relating to them, provided the statutory requirements for this have been met.
1.15. For the participant to withdraw consent or if they have questions pertaining to their personal data, the participant can contact the company data protection officer either by e-mail to:

or in writing to:

Vaillant GmbH

Datenschutz – Compliance

Berghauser Str. 40

42859 Remscheid, Deutschland