Terms of Use for the auroPOWER online portal

On the auroPOWER website, Vaillant GmbH, Berghauser Str. 40, 42859 Remscheid, Germany (hereinafter referred to as "Vaillant") provides customers (hereinafter referred to as "participants") with an online service for visualising energy flows and status messages from Vaillant photovoltaic and battery bank systems (hereinafter referred to as "auroPOWER online service"). This takes place exclusively based on these Terms of Use.

1. Registration and login details
1.1 The participant must be registered ("initial registration") on the auroPOWER website in order to use the auroPOWER online service. During the initial registration process, the participant is requested to provide their name, address and a valid e-mail address ("registration details"). The participant is obligated to provide truthful information and to ensure that this information is kept up-to-date.
1.2. During the initial registration process, the participant must select a user name and password ("login details") to identify them as an authorised user of the auroPOWER online service. After completing their initial registration, the participant is assigned a personal area ("user account") to enable them to use the auroPOWER online service and to manage their registration details. To access their user account, the participant must enter their user name and password. To be able to use the functions of the auroPOWER online service, the participant must enter the serial numbers of their Vaillant photovoltaic and battery bank systems.
1.3. Only persons over the age of 18 are permitted to use the auroPOWER online service.
2. Prerequisites
In order to use the auroPOWER online service provided by Vaillant, the participant must own an Internet-enabled device that supports one of the following browsers:
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft IE
  • Apple Safari
  • iOS Safari
  • Android Browser
  • Chrome for Android
  • Firefox
  • Opera
  • Opera Mini
3. Functions of the auroPOWER online service
3.1. The auroPOWER online service offers the customer the following functions in particular, depending on which Vaillant units they have registered:
  • Creating and processing the electricity flows of the photovoltaic installation, the battery bank system and the household,
  • Visualising the photovoltaic yield that is generated,
  • Displaying the current status of the units (connection status and fault status).
3.2. The functions of the auroPOWER online service are continuously expanded based on the latest range of units from Vaillant. In order to use the latest functions, the customer must have the latest version of the relevant browser. Vaillant points out that the functionality is not provided or is only provided with restrictions if the customer does not have the latest version of the browser. In this case, Vaillant is relieved of any liability.
4. Usage rights
4.1. The customer acquires the non-exclusive, non-sublicensable right to use the auroPOWER online service, which is limited to the relevant term of the contract and is valid worldwide.
4.2. The customer may only use the auroPOWER website provided subject to the restrictions defined within these Terms of Use. Unless permitted in individual cases, it is prohibited to copy, edit, transfer, modify, decompile or convert (reverse engineering) this website in any way.
4.3. Vaillant reserves the right to expand or modify services, to make improvements and to withdraw usage rights, particularly if this is due to a technical improvement, appears necessary or is required in order to prevent misuse. The modifications may lead to changes in the appearance, navigation or functions of the auroPOWER online service.
5. Costs
5.1. Vaillant provides the auroPOWER online service free of charge.
5.2. To use the auroPOWER online service, data must be transferred to the participant's device on a regular basis. The scope and frequency of the data transfer depend on the type and scope of use of the auroPOWER online service. The participant shall bear the connection costs that arise from this data transfer. The extent of these costs is based on the contract that exists between the participant and the relevant telecommunications provider.
5.3. The costs of setting up and maintaining an Internet connection on the participant's side are not included in Vaillant's services. Only the contractual relationship between the participant and their Internet provider is relevant to this.
6. Obligations of the participant
6.1. The participant may only use the auroPOWER online service for their own purposes and in accordance with these Terms of Use.
6.2. The participant shall undertake to store their login details such that they are protected against access by third parties. When entering their login details, they must ensure that no third parties can spy on this information. If the participant becomes aware of any misuse of their login details or suspects any such misuse, they shall undertake to change their password.
7. Liability and risk information
7.1. Any liability for material defects and defects of title in the auroPOWER online service, in particular for its freedom from defects, freedom from any third-party copyrights and property rights, completeness and/or usability – except in cases of malicious or fraudulent intent – is excluded.
7.2. In all other respects, any liability, regardless of its legal basis, in particular due to a breach of duty arising from an obligation or an unlawful act, is excluded. This shall not apply where liability exists in the following cases: (a) In accordance with the German Product Liability Act, (b) In cases of intent, (c) In cases of gross negligence by owners, legal representatives or management staff, (d) In cases of fraudulent intent, (e) In cases where an assumed guarantee has not been complied with, (f) Due to culpable injury to life, limb or health, or (g) Due to the culpable breach of essential contractual duties. Essential contractual duties are those obligations which protect the substantial contractual legal positions of the customer or are owed to the customer under the contract in terms of its content and purpose; essential are also those contractual duties the fulfilment of which is crucial for the due performance of the contract in the first place, the observance of which the customer may rely on and reasonably expect to rely on. Claims for damages owing to the breach of essential contractual duties is limited to contract-specific, foreseeable damage, provided that none of the aforementioned cases occurs.
7.3. Where Vaillant's liability for damages is excluded or limited, such exclusion or limitation shall also apply to the personal liability for damages of Vaillant employees, workers, staff members, representatives and agents.
7.4. The term "claims for damages" as defined above also includes claims for the reimbursement of expenses.
7.5. The above regulations do not constitute any change to the burden of proof to the detriment of the customer.
7.6. The auroPOWER online service is not designed to reproduce and replace safety-relevant functions or emergency calls. In this respect, any use of the auroPOWER online service is at the user's own risk.
8. Contractual period, termination
The contractual period shall commence upon initial registration by the participant on the auroPOWER website and shall continue for an indefinite period. The customer can end the contractual relationship at any time by deleting their user account and their auroPOWER system(s) from the auroPOWER website. Vaillant can terminate the contractual relationship with a period of notice of one month, but only once two years have passed since the last auroPOWER system was registered on the auroPOWER website. The right to termination for good cause shall remain unaffected. Good cause for Vaillant shall be deemed to exist, in particular, when the customer breaches these Terms of Use in a serious way, unless the customer is not responsible for this.
9. Online dispute resolution, consumer arbitration
9.1. The European Commission operates an online platform for resolving disputes online. You can find the platform at: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/
9.2. We will not participate in any dispute resolution procedures before a consumer arbitration board and we are not obligated to do so.
10. Final provisions
10.1. The customer can only transfer their contractual rights and obligations to third parties if Vaillant provides written consent to this.
10.2. With regard to the contractual relationship between the parties, German law shall apply, with the exclusion of its private international law (conflict of laws) and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). If the contested business relationship cannot be attributed to the professional or commercial activities of the customer, the mandatory provisions of the country in which the customer usually resides, in particular the consumer protection laws, shall remain unaffected.
10.3. If the customer is a merchant, a legal entity under public law or a separate estate under public law, it shall be agreed that Vaillant's headquarters is to be the exclusive place of jurisdiction. If the customer is a consumer, the legal requirements shall apply.